Trainers oh trainers, where art thou? My heart says yes but my bank account won’t allow.

I love trainers, I have since I was young and will probably still be rocking them in my 60′s. Vans, Converse, Air Max, you name it I’ll wear them. Boots are my second go to and heels? Well let’s just say I always have a pair of flats on standby.

However, I don’t nearly have as many trainers as I did when I was younger simply because they’re are so pricey these days. Unfortunately my size 6 foot is a tad too big to squeeze into the cheaper 5.5 sizes (trust me I’ve tried).

The thing I love most about trainers is the comfort; I find slip on’s to be a purse friendly alternative. I recently bought these leopard print slip on’s from River Island and though I wouldn’t go as far as completely swapping them over for my trusty Air Max, they definitely do the job.

I find slip on’s to be really comfy, they come in so many different styles, they’re are fairly cheap and their shape looks quiet smart if you also are a person who runs from shoes like I do. So if you’re waiting for an influx of cash like I usually am take a look at these slip on’s I’ve been eyeing and let me know if you bag yourself a bargain.

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Words by Selene Shaw


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