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The fashion and beauty industry is always on a move! First it was the supermodels who made their grand appearance on the scenes of fashion in the early 1990s, then it was the sensational fashion bloggers who literally turned the industry on it’s head in the 2000s, and now it is the rise of the plus sized supermodel!

Within the last few months, the rise of the plus sized model has come more and more into the forefront of the industry, indicating to us all that models without the conventional mainstream ‘look’ as it were can make it in the fashion modelling industry.

If you were at RIP the Runway last Saturday, you would have seen the MsCurveous models, a modelling company that promote women of all shapes and sizes. These stunners were strutting their stuff down the catwalk! It was such a beautiful sight to observe women without the traditional model image being noticed on such a huge plaform as I believe it’s important for women, especially young women with body insecurities to understand that the world is currently evolving. What was once the norm is being changed each and every moment.

Elle magazine dedicated their whole July issue on building body confidence which fits in perfectly with this time of the year as women want to be able to pull off that perfect bikini. However, this issue doesn’t cover how to lose weight, it simply explains how to wear confidence no matter what shape/size which I thought was an amazing statement for young women – the importance of focusing on being happy and healthy in your own skin.

The best article I read in this issue was from ELLE intern Billie Bhatia, who talks about her journey about being overweight and how she felt she needed to be accepted by those around her before she could feel confident in herself. She also talks briefly about her blog called Fat to Fit which is more of a journey on training the change of the mindset rather than losing physical weight. It’s such a good read!

Words by Sade Johnson @Sade__X 

Edited by Araminta Pender, Beauty Editor @mintypender 

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