CBD is an up-and-coming industry that is looking to continue growing. It’s been around for a few years, mainly through oil substances within vapes that are burned and inhaled, without any nicotine addiction. Here’s what you need to know about CBD and what it can do for you.

What CBD Actually Is

CBD refers to the compound found in cannabis known as cannabidiol. It’s quite different to the other chemical found within the marijuana or hemp plant, known as THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol causes intoxication when inhaled, whereas CBD does not.

This is why many individuals have started to set up new CBD businesses to get in around the ground floor. CBD has been found to have a number of medical benefits that are just started to be utilised within the medical field.

Help With Anxiety And PTSD

One of the main purposes of CBD in recent years, has been in helping to lower levels of anxiety within a user. It has shown that it can reduce stress for those with generalised anxiety disorder, as well as those with social anxiety disorder or PTSD.

Research into CBD is still fairly new, which means that the effects of CBD with those suffering anxiety and PTSD is still being found out. But the good news, is that early signs are promising, as many users have started to subscribe to CBD companies in the form of gummy bears of oils to get their use before doing social events.

How It Could Help With Depression

Some studies have even found that CBD can go one step further, and assist with symptoms of depression. It can produce natural chemicals within a body to rid of symptoms such as sadness or suicide. It’s important to note that you should still speak to your doctor before turning to CBD for assistance, as it’s not a sure fired thing, that is still needing more research.

The Difference Between CBD And CBG

You may be familiar with the effects of THC which can be found within the cannabis plant, but you may not be aware of CBG. CBG is still fairly new to scientists who have begun researching the compound. Already, it has shown the potential to be an alternate treatment for glaucoma, which Is a condition that affects the optic nerves. It has been able to reduce intraocular pressure, aiding recovery efforts. It is important though, for consumers and people in the industry to understand the difference between CBD and CBG.

Indeed, CBG has beneficial effects for a variety of different conditions, such as skin homeostasis, and it seems like more benefits will be found. CBD, as mentioned previously, can also assist with certain elements of your health, but this has had more research conducted. The CBD industry is already exploding, projected to be worth over £16 billion by 2025.

How It Works

It mainly works by the CBD compound producing an effect within the body, that interacts with specific receptors. Your body can produce two main types of receptors. CB1 receptors can be found within all parts of your body, primarily in the brain. It helps co-ordinate movement, memories, pain and other emotions to name a few.

The CB2 reception is found within the immune system, and affects any inflammation within you as well as pain. CBD helps to stimulate these receptors, so that your body will produce its own cannabinoids, leading to something known as endocannabinoids.

Smoking And Drug Withdrawal

One thing that CBD can help you with, is quitting smoking and lessening your need for drugs or any drug withdrawal you’re suffering with. CBD is often used as an oil within a vape device, that can stop the need for wanting a cigarette, and reducing the craving for nicotine.

A study found that CBD reduced these effects due to the relaxation the compound can cause within your body. It also showed that it could assist with any opioid addiction disorders, as well as other substance reliance disorders.

Lower The Effects Of Epilepsy

In the last few years, we have seen that CBD has started to be used to treat those suffering with epilepsy. Two main conditions, such as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome are rare forms of epilepsy which can cause seizures that some medication cannot control.

CBD has been found to prevent seizures without lowering the effects of any other medication used, and more doctors are looking into prescribing it, as other companies start selling their CBD related products.

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Fighting Cancer

Lastly, CBD may even help in preventing the spreading of specific forms of cancer. It can suppress the growth of cancerous cells, and even in some cases destroy them. Compared to other forms of cancerous medication, CBD has low levels of toxicity, making it easier to use in different types of people.

The early signs are quite promising when it comes to helping those with cancer. You should keep an eye out on the industry to find when new research lands.

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