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In a society where it’s estimated that around half of us have already cheated on our partner, a woman’s intuition is her most powerful tool. Now, I’m not suggesting that all men are up to no good but, if your gut is leading you to question his fidelity, there’s usually a good enough reason.

As a girl who has foolishly found herself sitting as ‘the other woman’, I’ve been there to notice the excuses he’s come up with; the lies he’s told; the other world he’s created (!) and I’ve come up with three sure fire ways to help you cheat the cheater.

He spends more time being interested in you than usual. Perhaps, he buys you gifts unexpectedly. He may even start doing more around the house; ironing, washing, or those little DIY jobs that have been left unfinished for months. (See, I’ve finally found something positive for you amid the dust and exposed wires that you’re currently living in. Every cloud.)

The innocent explanation!

Have you been going through a bad patch recently? He could have decided to make more of an effort in order to get things back on track…

The cheater?

He’s feeling quite guilty and wants to make up for the fact that he’s having an affair.

Now that technology makes it easier than ever to contact people; it not only means that it’s easier to have an affair, but it also means that it’s a lot easier to be caught out. If he’s answering phone calls in the garden; if he’s taking his phone with him to the bathroom; if he’s suddenly turning in to a ninja every time you ask to use his phone – he’s most likely up to something naughty.

The innocent explanation?

He’s planning an extravagant celebration for your seven-year anniversary. (I know, I chuckled at the very thought too).

The cheater?

He’s absolutely terrified that you’ll read a text that he’ll have no planned response to. He’s absolutely terrified that you’ll see those compromising photographs of the reason for his subterfuge.  Let your fingers do the walking – if he’s caught up in an affair d’amour, chances are, all the evidence you need to confront him is on his mobile phone.


It’s imperative for him to attend a charity ball at the last minute. He’s working late every single evening. He’s hanging out with the work colleagues he used to despise. He’s got deadlines that have never stopped him from missing a football match before now…

The innocent explanation?

Your man has ambition. He wants to succeed and is working hard to be a provider for you.

The cheater?

He’s creating stories that could be viable and by using work to align his lies to a level of reality, it not only makes his lies easier to remember, but, gives him an easy excuse that can be used whenever. Well, Monday to Friday of course.

Written By: “By Miss Advising:

Edited by: Paige Russell T/@BABYFACEDPAIGE

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