Drop crotch pants have been a current fashion trend here in the UK for many years now. It wasn’t so long ago that these were restricted to being the favoured choice of those looking for an easy option to show off.

Men's drop crotch harem pants

They are very popular amongst the younger women of the current generation who want something different to stand out from the crowd.


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There is no age limit to who can wear these pants, some of the coolest people we have seen wearing them have been in their 60’s.

Extravagant Black Pants
Extravagant Black Pants @£55.64 etsy.com

Often, women will hear other women say, oh, wouldn’t ever wear these or such styles, but it’s actually nothing like that, and in fact, everything about today’s styles say,s “I’m sexy, I’m modern, I’m sexy”.

Drop Crotch Pants

The cut, the fit, everything about today’s drop-crotch pants says, “I am not afraid of my body, and I don’t care what people think either”.

Today’s fashion trends are certainly showing this all around. This then means that women who are not really sure about wearing these pants should always consider trying on a pair first.

Pastel harem yoga DROP CROTCH PANTS
Pastel harem yoga DROP CROTCH PANTS @£35.00 etsy.com

When the styles of pants first began to emerge, they were extremely popular with the lower to mid-thirties sector of the population.

Drop Crotch Pants

Still, as times have changed and the fashion industry has become more mainstream, the styles have fallen out of favour somewhat.


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Instead, top designers are now creating the styles for those who may struggle with their body shape or wish to look a little sexier.

Drop Crotch Pants

Drop crotch styles are one of these selections, and although the cut may look a little odd on the outside, it creates a look that looks very sexy on the inside.

This is because by showing just a little bit of skin, they create an impact that is very pleasing for the eyes. If you are looking for a fashion trend that will look great on the outside and the inside, this is the style for you.

80s Animal Print Harem Pants
80s Animal Print Harem Pants @£62.82 etsy.com

For example, leopard print drop-crotch pants have been trendy amongst the hip hop community for some time, but now they are becoming more mainstream.

Brown Check Drop Crotch Pants

These particular pants are often worn by artists such as Kanye West and Jay Z. Although they look completely ridiculous on the outside, they also look fantastic when teamed with a t-shirt and a pair of trainers. So what does it mean for fashionistas who do not want to conform to the usual styles?

Frida kahlo garcon pants
Frida kahlo garcon pants @£106.09 etsy.com

If you have the figure to carry off this particular look, you will look good in anything. However, there are certain things that you should never do when wearing drop-crotch pants.


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For example, you should never team them with skinny tops or crop tops because this will only end disaster. The key to a flattering outfit is to pair it with the right top.

Dhoti pants

If you team it with the wrong top or bottom, you will look like you have gained four pounds in one go! Therefore, when selecting your top or bottom, you must ensure that it fits properly, it looks good, and it compliments your body.

Warm Harem Pants
Warm Harem Pants @£20.99 etsy.com

Another important rule when wearing drop-crotch pants is to ensure that they match the rest of your wardrobe. For example, if you are wearing a grey sweatshirt, don’t team it with a pair of lime green drop crotch pants.

This would be a complete fashion disaster and actually look quite silly. This also applies to the other clothes in your wardrobe. If you are looking to wear a smart jacket, you can team it with a white or black denim jacket.

Japanese Samurai Style Boho Casual Low Drop Crotch Loose Fit Harem Baggy Hakama Capri Linen Pants
Japanese Samurai Style Boho Casual Low Drop Crotch Loose Fit Harem Baggy Hakama Capri Linen Pants amazon.co.uk

There are many different styles of drop-crotch pants to choose from, so you can experiment with many different looks. Some of the most popular styles include the baggy style, boot cut, straight leg, hipster, long leg and many others.

Womens Y2K Style High Waist Jeans
Womens Y2K Style High Waist Jeans amazon.co.uk

Finally, when choosing the perfect drop crotch pants for yourself, you must always remember that comfort must be prioritised.

Purple Drop Crotch Pants for Women

So, try not to compromise style for fit. This may mean that you should invest some extra money to get a pair that truly fits properly.

In Los Angeles, California, many different shops sell top quality clothing at affordable prices. Therefore, no matter what type of fashion trend you are following, there is always a fashionable pair of drop crotches to choose from.

Frecoccialo Women Jeans
Frecoccialo Women Jeans amazon.co.uk

Tip 1 :

Allow yourself to become used to it. If you’ve never worn drop crotch pants before, start with a tiny drop or purchase some to wear around the house to get used to the new trend.

Harem Pants

A relaxed and boyfriend-style suit is a perfect option. The fit is looser with a slight reduction, but the calf is always customised. Drop Crotch Pants are so comfy that we doubt you’ll want to take them off.

Drop Crotch Pants
Drop Crotch Pants @£62.19 etsy.com

Tip 2:

The experiment in various wardrobe combinations. With the drop-crotch trousers, see what you want to wear the most.

We all prefer different looks, but the relaxed appearance of the drop crotch is also enhanced by pairing the pants with a more tailored or feminine shirt.

linen harem pants women
linen harem pants women @£97.07 etsy.com

Tip 3:

Wear yours in high heels. The chic street style fashion blogger with the drop-crotch pants and heels you see all the time? That might be you!

Drop Crotch Black Pants

Heels automatically dress up the trousers to give the legs a longer appearance. They will help you gain an extra inch of height and boost your self-esteem.

Tip 4:

Fabric is crucial. When you wear different materials, they will hang differently. A lighter cotton stretch will hang low in the groyne, while stiffer fabrics will not.

Drop Crotch Pants

It’s just a matter of personal taste. You can pick how low or heavy the drop sits whether you get a look with an elasticated or tie waist.

Straped Low Rise Khaki Men's Drop Crotch Pants

Experiment with different styles, get the size right and wear whatever you make feel good.

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