Okay let’s be honest here, who regularly cleans their make-up brushes as often as they should? Who even knows exactly how often they should be cleaned?

Most dermatologists will tell you to soak your tools, especially foundation and concealer brushes, once a week — at minimum — to prevent product build-up.

According to Bobbi Brown, the brushes that are used on your face should be the cleanest. Brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month.

Washing your brushes can be done in a matter of 4 simple steps:

  1. Apply a small amount of shampoo into a glass or mug and fill with warm water.
  2. Gently massage the bristles in the water to remove the excess gunk and product.
  3. Rinse with clean water and carefully squeeze the water out.
  4. Lay flat to dry with the bristles hanging over the edge of the counter to help them reshape.

Certainly, there are endless products out there designed for cleaning your brushes. However, there is a product that electronically washes and dries your brushes in seconds without you having to get your hands dirty – or even wet – called the StylPro.

In fact, a lot of brands now have their own version of this product therefore it is a good idea to shop around. They can be found on sites such as Wowcher for as little as £10!

The only thing to consider with this product is that it can misshape the brushes over time.

What NOT to do when cleaning your tools:

  1. Lay them on a towel as this can cause mildew.
  2. Leave them to dry upright as the water will soak down into the shaft of the brush, causing rust or rot and it could also cause the glue holding the bristles to loosen and will ruin your brush in general.
  3. Use a hairdryer to dry your brushes as the heat will ruin the fibers in the bristles and cause them to fray.
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