So it seems like the women of colour have shifted to a new craze.. it’s not eyebrows anymore, and it’s not invisible parting weave… it’s LACE CLOSURES!

I have to say I am in LOVE with them! Especially the ones where there is no glue involved. All your hair is protected underneath, it looks neater and you can straighten the hair all you like!

The hair was installed by Tosin Dosunmu, who provided us with a few step by step instructions and tips on how to install and maintain a hair closure:

  1. First things first – protection. After you have cainrowed your own hair before you begin sewing any wefts onto your hair protect it – wigcaps are essential. They protect your hair underneath and prevent breakage.
  2. Ensure that your wigcap is sewed around the edges so is firm and secure. This is because later on you will need to cut into the top of the wigcap for where the parting is going to be. This is so the lace closure appears more realistic because the parting will be directly over your scalp.
  3. Sew a elasticated band to both edges of the lace closure. Make sure that you position the closure on your head and adapt the tightness of the head band to your own comfort. Do not make it TOO tight or you will get a big headache the next day!
  4. Sew the lace closure on FIRST. So that you are sure it is evenly spread across your head and flat enough
  5. Wrap the sides of your hair and put edge control/gel to ensure the hairstyle remains neat throughout!

I was given the opportunity to review this Lace Closure from a hair company called HAIR BY KRYSTAL (IG: @HairByKrystal). The closure was Brazilian and is 12” long. The hair blended in so well with my Peruvian hair at the bottom and the density of the closure brought just the right amount of volume! The hair came ver quickly and their service was amazing.

We look forward to featuring some more types of hair by @HairByKrystal in our Summer Print Issue!


Thank you @HairByKrystal xxx

IG: @HairByKrystal
E: [email protected]

Words by: Patricia Obaro Odje, Beauty Editor

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