Going to the gym alone can be great for some, but more often than not you start to become bored with doing the same thing over and over again. For many working out can become a chore and you don’t want to do it, then before long you’ll be sat in front of the TV watching money come out of your account every month for a gym membership you no longer use. So why not grab a partner and get to the gym together? It may be more beneficial than you think.


This may seem obvious but it’s true, often when you’re trying to lose weight your motivation is what you see on the scales or in the mirror and once you get to a point where you feel comfortable it’s easy to neglect the gym more often. However, if you train with a partner they’ll keep you motivated and seeing their results might make you want to beat them or match them.

Work harder

If you work out with a friend or partner, there’ll always be a part of you that wants to impress them or beat them. This side of you will make your body work harder to achieve more. You’ll become determined to lift more weights or do more reps than them to show your stronger and better.


When lifting weights, especially on benches, it’s important to have a spotter and if you go with a partner you’ll never be without one! It’s not just weights though, you can do other moves which may involve balancing or timings, which someone else can do for you to avoid either using your phone or risk hurting yourself.

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When working out alone it’s easy to get into a routine of doing the same moves in the same way and before long you’ll start seeing less benefits as you’re not working the muscles in a new way. However, working out with someone else often means they’ll have their own workout patterns and you can mix and match or combine the two to create different and interesting workouts.

Words by: @AmyJoannaTaylor

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