Published on 17th September 2019

What is 4C hair? 

4C type hair texture has the tightest curl pattern from the bunch. It tends to have a shrinkage of up to 70%  which can sometimes be hard to track hair growth. People with 4C texture will find that their hair may experience different hair densities at any given time i.e when hair is wet or when a particular product has been used which may change the hair porosity (the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture) Without any product on the hair, 4C hair does not have a particular curl type. With product (very creamy products are best suited) and style manipulation such as braiding or twisting – a curl pattern is formed. As 4C hair is the most fragile hair type, you do need to be extra careful when using style techniques

More than one hair type? 

It has been common for people to have more than one texture of hair. It could be that your edges are a 4C however the rest of your hair is a 4B, or possible strands of 4B.

Tips for taking care of 4C hair 

  • Moisture moisture moisture! Due to the thickness of the hair, 4C needs extra TLC very often as it is more prone to dryness. Using a creamy hair product and an oil to seal the moisture will allow the hair to have more of a higher porosity.
  • Less is more! Styling is great, however the more manipulation to the hair, the higher chance of breakage. If you are someone that enjoys changing their hair often, opt for a wigs, that way you are protecting the hair and giving it a break.
  • Deep condition is your best friend Weekly deep conditioning is essential for 4C hair. Use your sunday self care day wisely and your hair will thank you later for it. This will keep your hair shiny, bouncy and tangle free!

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