Being the cosmetic addicts we are, the UK population is continually looking for the best foundation that complements our skin and offer, our flawless complexion. iMatch is a service that Estee Lauder offer to find the exact right shade for you. My favourite part of this scheme is the chart; the clever people at Estee Lauder have developed a clever skin colour tonal chart, which matches you with your perfect partner foundation. Of course the best part of the service, is the free tester bottle!

Many beauty brands have tried to find the perfect match for each individual, and Estee Lauder are the latest brand to do so. Their new foundation offers 30 individual shades that attempt to match your own shade. Not only a clever device, which makes each and every single one of us feel unique, but a solid, base layer foundation, that offers flawless coverage.


So pop down to your nearest Estee Lauder counter for a free consultation and sample bottle.

Enjoy your unique and perfectly matched new foundation, ready for spring!

Words: Milly Green

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