I imagine from the title of this article, you’ve thought – deodorant balm? That can’t work and doesn’t sound right. This is exactly how I felt when I first heard about the new deodorant balms from L’Occitane. I’m someone who always has to try something before they can make an opinion on something – especially beauty products.

So, of course, I tried the deodorant balm – and I must admit, I was extremely surprised.

A bit of background info…

Before I start with my opinion on the product itself, I thought I would give you a bit of information on the product.

The balm is free from aluminium salt and alcohol and formulated with 98% natural origin ingredients. This natural deodorant balm offers up to 48 hours of protection while perfuming your skin with a soothing scent.

Enriched with 6% of nourishing organic shea butter, the creamy yet powdery texture is easy to apply and absorbs quickly, leaving a dry and velvety finish on the skin that doesn’t stain clothes.

Water resistant and efficient even on extreme conditions, this deodorant balm can also be used on feet.


97% Armpits feels soft, soothed and moisturised 91% Product is effective 91% Product protects against unpleasant odours 88% Product dries quickly

88% Product ensures an optimal deodorant protection

My opinion

Admittedly, I judged this product before I tried it – I couldn’t understand how a balm could act as a deodorant. I thought that the balm would be tacky, sticky and would leave my underarms feeling slippery more than they would protected and dry.

I was wrong…

Understandably, it initially feels very strange applying a balm under your arms, but almost instantly the balm turned dry, as though I had used a roll on or a spray. It smelt beautifully clean, the shea butter is just a scent I adore anyway.

Throughout the day I felt clean, I felt as though I was protected and not sweating or feeling like I needed a top up. This lasted all day. All day I felt dry (not in a horrible way) under my arms.

The balm didn’t clump together in little balls like I have known other stick/spray products to do – extra bonus! And none of it got on my clothes.

Knowing that this product is better for the environment too is just an added bonus to what is already a great product. The balm retails at £17.50 from L’Occitane which, granted, is a little pricey. However, the product itself lasts longer. It doesn’t dry up (like roll ons do) or is compressed into a dangerously chemical can (like sprays).

It comes in a recyclable pot, and a little really does go a long way – so 50g worth of product will last you a long time!

Plus, L’Occitane products are always worth the price tag – every. single. time!

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