Having been in the music game for just over a year. Madison Paris is already carving out her own space in the music industry. The rising star is the face of Footasylum x Nike Utility Boot campaign. She has additionally supported acts such as girl group M.O. and Cadet.

Moreover her previous tracks ‘Rum & Wine’ has landed a spot at BBC 1XTRA’s track of the week. Madison’s latest single ‘Triple’ is already gaining traction, having premiered on US radio. Fresh from her release, The Streets caught up with Madison Paris to get the latest going on’s from the singer.

Who is Madison Paris for those who don’t know and how would you describe your sound? 

I’m a 23 year old singer/songwriter originally from Slough and I’ve been releasing music for just over a year now. I would say my sound is chilled RnB – For me it’s just all about making something people can vibe to. I love exploring new sounds and creating whatever feels right. I think that’s how you stand out and create something really unique!

Tell us about your new single Triple and how did the collaboration with Bobii Lewis come about?

Triple is a feel good song, I want people to feel like it’s Friday night when they listen to it! I originally wrote the hook with the producer of the track Sokari and then it was his idea to get Bobii on it. I’ve been a fan of Bobii for ages so I was really excited. He came through and within a couple of hours the track was finished. The rest is history!

What artists/ performers do you draw inspiration from? 

I love NAO, H.E.R, Daniel Caesar etc. Artists that are doing RnB but still making it feel unique to them.

At Amor magazine we are all about women empowerment, how have you tried to do this?

I think female empowerment starts with women supporting women and that applies to all industries. I think women are sometimes encouraged to compete against each other and that makes no sense because there really is room for us all to shine together! Whenever I can I love go to female artists shows, post their music or even just offer advice and emotional support if they need it!

R&B and Soul have often been described as a tough genre to breakthrough in the music industry what has been your experience so far as a UK R&B Artist?

I think all forms of creativity are hard to break through in simply because it’s so over saturated and sometimes you end up being your own worst enemy. There is so much doubt, insecurity and rejection that often you can begin to talk yourself out of what you once thought was your “dream”. It’s been hard but for every no I’ve received there has always been a better opportunity come up later. My experience has been an emotional roller coaster but I’ve found that as long as you keep positive and proactive there’s no reason not to enjoy it all!

Who is currently on your playlist?

Jvck James, Miraa May, Kojey Radical, Jaz Karis and a tonne of other dope British artists!

Have you got any projects in the works? 

I am currently working on a project yes but I’m taking my time. I don’t have a specific release date yet I guess I’m just waiting for all the music to feel right. I don’t want to rush it!

Who would be your dream collaboration?

PartyNextDoor. I love his whole sound and am a big fan of his writing. I think we could make something dope together!

What legacy would you like to leave in the music industry?

My dream is to eventually have my own label and support and push up and coming artists I believe in. I started music relatively late, completely independent and am also living outside of London so it’s been tough. I think sometimes all you need is one person to believe in you and it all spirals from there. I’d love to be that person for an artist one day.

You can follow Madison Paris on Instagram and Twitter 

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