Amor magazine LOVE meeting talented UK rappers especially upcoming artists! We recently met King Kash who shocked Amor with his talent! Let’s learn more about him…

“Born in Ukraine, to Ugandan parents and raised in East London – Rapper / Producer King Kash started rapping at the young age of 8 about the same time as he began being taught classical cello. Although later stopping as a cellist, he honed his rapping ability through battles in school and freestyling, King Kash released several tracks before finally putting together an official mixtape ‘Tha Drop’ in 2005. This was swiftly followed up the following year with a compilation “The Hit Factory”. 2006 also saw the creation of “Do It Big” a monthly showcase night put together by the recording Artist and was also follow up with a short period as a guest dj on Internet radio station ‘Do it Big’ ended with the release of King Kash’s ‘New Kash City EP’ in 2008. In the years that followed King Kash gained a University Degree in ‘Materials Science & Engineering’ and built up his presence through his shows, increased radio play, video plays on national TV and garnering awareness amongst bloggers & being supported by Flavour Magazine in featuring as a “future Flavour” in their print magazine. 2012 saw the release of his most accomplished body of work to date the ‘Worth the Wait EP’ with his latest release”The Metropolis Soundtrack” soon to come.

Don’t forget to check out his top THREE favourite tracks!

1) Untouchable – This has definitely been my best-received track that I have put out. The track represents a moment of realising that once you find out who you are as a person and understand what you stand for, that the only person that can stop you is yourself.

Watch “King Kash – Untouchable”–

2) H.O.T – This has been one of my favourite tracks to perform live, it has a great energy to it. I wrote it in what was the hottest day of the year, hence the title.This track both as the opening track on my previous EP and the first release from it has been a great introduction to my as an artist.

Watch “King Kash – H.O.T”:

3) Worth the Wait – This is a track I also produced, it brings together the central idea of my last EP (of the same name). I a firm believer that everything has its time and place if you work for it, this track brings to life that idea in a way people can relate to.

Watch “King Kash – Worth the Wait”:

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