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The iconic make up mogul Jeffree Star has had his say on the brand new All Night Long foundation and concealer range from Barry M, and it is officially Jeffree Star *APPROVED*!

In one of his recent YouTube videos, Jeffree Star heads to the UK and bought some drugstore products to review that are only available to buy in the UK. The foundation product he chose was the Barry M All Night Long foundation and concealer.

Jeffree Star described the products as:



‘Not cakey’

‘Beautiful formula’

After trying this product, it is immediately obvious that Mr Star was very much correct in his review. The foundation is full coverage yet feels weightless and not cakey at all.

All night long full coverage liquid foundation – RRP £7.99

The concealer is incredible for the price, it conceals well and doesn’t crease easily which most concealers do. Once set with some setting powder, the concealer performs outstandingly and lasts for hours!

All night long full coverage concealer – RRP £4.49

Barry M have also introduced the Mix & Fix illuminating setting spray which compliments the foundation and concealer, all of the formulas work together perfectly. The Mist & Fix setting spray sets the foundation and concealer and keeps your make-up looking fabulous all day long.

Mist & Fix illuminating setting spray – RRP £4.99

The All Night Long foundation has 25 shades (Chantilly, Milk, Cashew, Oatmeal, Dulce de Leche, Cookie, Crumb, Custard, Golden, Toffee, Almond, Cappuccino, Waffle, Butterscotch, Ganache, Hazelnut, Cocoa, Spice, Mahogany, Americano, Chestnut, Fudge, Pecan, Espresso, and Caviar).

The All Night Long concealer has 11 shades (Milk, Oatmeal, Cookie, Almond, Crème Brulee, Waffle, Walnut, Hazelnut, Maple, Truffle, and Chestnut).

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