Three weeks ago V.Simmons released Lonely World onto his SoundCloud. It’s a track about his honest thoughts and feelings about what is happening across the world right now. There is no pretence and no bravado, just an honest

account of the thoughts of a young London rapper.

His honesty paid off, the track has had over 1,000 plays on SoundCloud,
receiving blog posts from established urban magazine, Urban Revolution.

The video is made up of a montage of video clips from news broadcasts around the world. Each clip showing that this isn’t ‘just another rapper, rapping about the streets’ nor is it ‘just another rap song about money, cars and girls’. This is real life, V.Simmons is rapping about real life

events that are affecting the world that he lives in.

It’s just as hard hitting and gritty as everything we’ve ever had from V. Simmons before; straight from his heart. V says, *“**sometimes its really sad to see the state of the planet we live in…” *and he chose not to sit

silently any longer.

The video was shot and directed by Ash Riley, who did an excellent job relaying the message of the track visually. It powerfully complements the

audio and together they form a very moving piece of work.

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