If you missed out on Sunday’s event, then you missed out big time on amazing knowledge, guidance, networking, food + drink turn after party. Such a great way to bring in the brand new week with so much wisdom to apply into your craft for the remaining 4 months of 2018.

The event started with a mini icebreaker, where 6 people from the audience were selected to take part in a general knowledge quiz regarding the creative industry. If you knew the answers to each question (we did lol) then you are definitely a creative whiz.

Hosted by the hilarious Temi  Alchemy who is 1/2 presenter for podcast show 90’s baby. For the first hour the relaxed environment allowed us all the mingle with other creatives, order drinks at the bar and just admire the beautiful decor with the lights slightly dimmed.

The event started with the panel introducing themselves, founder and director of Chune App Jay Oguntino, youtuber and owner of Nalu AB Vlogs, youtuber and  entrepreneur Debbie Crown and lastly co-founder of jewellery brand and youtuber Lizzie Loves.

Next, the first question of the night was given to the panel to discuss ‘How do you build a genuine brand and following as a creative?’ Each member of the panel gave their own perspective of how to build a following but the general vibe was to make sure your consistency is up to par, also being authentic to who you are as your followers/subscribers can see through non-authenticity.

Another great question that came on the panel was ‘what is a creative’ Jay answered this question so effortlessly simply explaining that anyone that has an idea and wants to bring that creation to life is a creative whatever industry that might be in.

The business etiquette topic was a very informative part of the night, as each creative on the panel briefly discussed what is good business etiquette to them whether that be via email, social media or face to face and even in terms of doing paid/unpaid jobs. Debbie Crown made a great point referring to paid/unpaid jobs, she said that depending on the company if it a start up business that she is interested in she may not necessarily ask for payment, but if she knows that the company are doing very well and can afford a fee then she will ask for a form of payment.

The panel discussion then opened up to a Q&A for anyone to ask questions regarding the creative industry. This can be anything to do with struggles that they may have faced and how they should go about conquering this, or even fears of starting a platform that they know they want to develop in.

At 9pm the panel discussion ended, all the chairs were packed away and the dance floor was open for everyone –  blazing all of our favourite songs from every genre including Bashment, Trap, Afrobeats and RnB. It was such a great way to end a much needed networking event where creatives all over can come together and share their struggles and what has worked for them in the industry, as well as learning from successful people in the field.

Thank you to Manny and the Black Barbie Events team for putting on such a spectacular event, we had so much fun and hope that it won’t be too long until the next event.

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