Academics have revealed that your personality can be determined by what you eat for lunch and how you spend your lunch break.

The simple act of opting for an early or late lunch, away from or at your desk, is actually a giveaway sign as to whether you’re outgoing or a stickler for tradition.

A quiz, commissioned by lunchtime favourite, Baxters Soup, has revealed that an accurate insight into what makes us tick can be drawn from the decisions we make when taking a midday break.

This can range from opting for three of your five-a-day or not, right through to a preference for mild over spicy flavours, and these choices can ultimately identify four well-recognised personality types.

They include: conformist, perfectionist, impulsive or social butterfly.

Take the test at and share the results with your friends on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

The tool was developed by Senior Psychology Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, Dr Sandi Mann, by analysing possible subconscious motives that might underlie what appear to be the simplest of choices.

This led to the development of a matrix that aimed to map lunch options and lunch break habits onto specific personality dimensions. By plotting these dimension traits onto broader personality styles, a lunchtime personality typology emerged.

Dr Sandi Mann said: “How we spend our lunch breaks, and indeed what we choose to eat, might seem intuitive but the fact is, we each individually make a series of choices at lunchtime that are based on learnt preferences, attitudes and self-discipline, which can all underscore your personality type.”

Alongside the quiz, Baxters is urging people to ditch their usual lunch for two weeks in favour of soup to feel the benefits with its Souper Swap Challenge.

Expert nutritionist, Fiona Hunter, said: “The Souper Swap Challenge is an excellent way to kick start your healthy eating regime. A bowl of soup is a nutritious and filling lunch and has much less fat and calories than many other lunchtime options.“

Anyone can get involved with the Souper Swap Challenge by opting for a can of Baxters Hearty or Vegetarian for 10 working days and sharing the results across social media. People can also purchase ready made Souper Swap Challenge boxes, in Hearty, Vegetarian or Ultimate, for £10 with free delivery via the Baxters Kitchen website.

Courtesy of @BaxtersFoodUK

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