It’s not often you find a bakery which support a healthy lifestyle. However, Arapina is one that does just that.

With a range offering guilt free products, it’s definitely going to get your taste buds going.

Founded by Michaela Pontiki, she uses her Greek heritage to combine flavours of the Mediterranean with her products.

Arapina offers everything from cakes to pastries to preserves and treats. All suitable for vegans as well as many being gluten free.

When talking about her company, Michaela commented “I do not believe that food should be about denying yourself, but instead, we are focused on helping people to appreciate and embrace healthy, natural and delicious dishes and products.”

In the Amor office, we samples the ‘Sour Cherry’ preserve by adding it to a hearty bowl of porridge. The result?

A delicious porridge with a sour twist, enough to wake up your taste buds and help you feel energised for the day ahead.

Arapina’s products are available to buy online at

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