The zip-up hoodie is a very popular style of winter and people love wearing them. They are incredibly practical as well as fashionable, making them the perfect wardrobe essential. In this article, we take a look at some of the styles and trends that are enjoying massive popularity in the UK at the moment. If you are interested in buying one then you’ll want to read the whole article, including tips and advice on how to find the best prices. We will examine some of the biggest selling styles this year and discover how to make them work for you. White is a popular colour this winter and we’ll explore why.

Ladies Plain Zip Up Colour Hoodie
Ladies Plain Zip Up Colour Hoodie $13.85

You may have noticed white blazers, parkas and other clothing items that already feature a white zip-up opening – these are popular because they make the garment much easier to match with other items that may be worn, such as colourful tees.

This means that you can wear the same outfit but with a much better range of colours to suit your wardrobe. White is a trendy colour that looks great.

UC505 Ladies Classic Full Zip Hoodie
UC505 Ladies Classic Full Zip Hoodie $17.35

As, well as white items you will find a huge number of different prints and patterns. You could have a pattern that includes white snowflakes and black fur or you could opt for a much more solid and sober style with white fur on the front and solid black sleeves and collar. Winter trends show us many different styles and it can be a lot of fun to mix and match different fashions to create a look that suits your individual personality.

PUMA Women's Holiday Pack Full Zip Hoodie
PUMA Women’s Holiday Pack Full-Zip Hoodie £69.44 – £134.00

For those who are looking for a little more elegance, there are a number of different styles that are currently very popular. A lot of people are opting for a more formal style this winter.

Womens F-ALBYHOOK-C Hoodie with Voids print
Women’s F-ALBYHOOK-C Hoodie with Voids print £60.04

Other styles include a modern look that features a short length hoodie which is ideal for the working environment.

Cropped Hoodies for Teen Girls
Cropped Hoodies for Teen Girls £26.99

You can also opt for a trench coat style hoodie that has a zipper up the back rather than the traditional zipper at the neckline. Other styles include a hooded poncho style hoodie which is perfect for relaxing outdoors.

Fur Hooded Quilted Puffer Coat White style £50.00

For those who are into fashion, white is a popular colour for those who want to stand out from the crowd. One of the latest trends in the white hoodie. In addition to being stylish and elegant, these hoodies can also look great when you are partying.

With the holidays approaching, many people are opting for more colourful styles. Some people love to wear white and other various colours throughout the year, while others prefer to stick to just white or select from a range of black and white outfits.

Oodji Ultra Women's Hoodie with Pockets
Oodji Ultra Women’s Hoodie with Pockets £13.76 – £18.36

As you can see, there are so many different options to choose from and you can create your own unique style. A white hoodie can really help to create that winter look that you have always wanted.

SEASONAL - Zip-up hoodie
SEASONAL – Zip-up hoodie £129.99

When it comes to buying a white zip-up hoodie, the internet can be a great place to start your search. There are many online retail stores that offer a wide range of modern and contemporary styles of hoodies at highly discounted prices. You can also use these sites to make your own custom hoodie to order, so you can pick and choose the colours and style that suit you best.


You can make your hoodie even more personal by including your name and your own message.

You can make a hoodie to represent your favourite sports team, yourself or any other reason you can think of.


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This will enable you to wear your hoodie in style and you can show off your own personalised style to the world.

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