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Windle & Moodie are a brand that I had previously heard of but only recently discovered. Having been voted ‘best London hairdressers’ and ‘best London hair salon’ by Timeout readers, I was excited to be given the opportunity to try out several of their best sellers.

The Windle & Moodie line is an extension of the Convent Garden salon founded by stylists Paul Windle and Neil Moodie 25 years ago.  The haircare range features 7 products, including shampoos, conditioners and masques, while the styling range includes 15 products such as texture creams and waxes. Ideal for sensitive skin, all of the shampoos contain eco-friendly surfactants (no chemicals such as sulphates), meaning they are gentler on hair and scalp as a result. Infused with tea designed to protect and nourish hair, the range promises to restore hair to it’s optimal condition.

Fortifying Treatment Shampoo and Fortifying Conditioner (with Rooibos Tea and Wheat Protein)


‘Rooibos tea is rich in active antioxidants and known to promote hair growth. Micro- wheat proteins reinforce from within to help reduce breakage.’

The fortifying shampoo treatment is designed to strengthen and thicken the hair. Whilst washing, I used a generous amount and after blow drying the product definitely brought a lot of volume to the roots. My hair felt a lot heavier with the added volume but also stronger so I’d especially recommend this product to someone with fine hair. What I loved most about this shampoo was the colour protection complex element. After a week of using both the shampoo and conditioner, I found that you could see a greater contrast in the multi tones in my hair. My blonde highlights at the bottom of my hair have become a lot more prominent amongst the red from my natural hair colour.

In contrast to the shampoo the Fortifying Conditioner was a lighter, creamy formula  with a softer fragrance. While the shampoo strengthened my hair, I felt that the conditioner complimented it perfectly, leaving my hair soft and silky. With the eco-friendly formula, the shampoo and conditioner is gentler on the scalp which makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Now my friends and family know that when it comes to products, I’m a total sucker for packaging! So this brand is a definite winner for me because I love the chic, simplistic style. The clear bottle design is great because you can see exactly what’s inside, and Windle & Moodie’s products really do look good enough to eat. The pump is also a nice addition to the shampoo and conditioner – I always associate that design with a professional luxury salon look, so this works perfectly for the brand.

Texture Cream


‘Designed to add texture, body and hold…’

Generally when it comes to styling my hair, I prefer to use salt sprays rather than creams to create texture, so I was intrigued to see whether Windle & Moodie could convert me. I tested this product out on wavy hair by tipping my head upside, applying the cream to the roots and brushing it through to achieve extra volume (had my hair been wet I would probably have blow dried it at this stage). I then added extra cream to the rest of my hair, rubbing in between my palms to warm it up, and then scrunching my curls all over. The result was exactly as described- I could see a lot more volume all over, including hold to the roots. Plus, it gave my curls a nice beach-tousled texture.

On a second attempt, I found that the cream worked better on damp hair after blow drying, avoiding any stickiness left over (my pet hate!) The light citrus fragrance left my hair smelling fresh!

Invisible Day & Night Cream


‘A behind-the-scenes moisturiser thats brings hair to life… Infused with monoi oil from the South Pacific to give far-reaching lustre and vitality, sugar beet extract to inject moisture and aloe vera to sooth.’

Overall, this has to be my favourite product from the collection. To use the Invisible Day and Night Cream, gently massage into the hair any time of the day when it feels dehydrated. Dry ends are often a problem for me, especially when I’m trying to grow it out. I’ve experimented with various hair oils, even applying coconut oil directly to the ends of my hair, but I haven’t seen the results to the same extent as with this product. I applied it only to the ends because my roots have the tendency to get oily very quickly and my hair was immediately softer after five minute of combing it through. I prefer using creams on damp hair, however, this can be used on dry hair when it feels like it needs a top up. No need to wash it out, this cream doesn’t leave behind a sticky texture. For this reason I’d recommend using very liberally to achieve super soft tresses.

Volcanic Ash Wax


As the winner of the Wallpaper Design Awards 2015 and Shortlist Men’ Grooming Awards 2015, I was pretty hopeful about this product. Containing naturally derived waxes and actual volcanic ash, this wax is designed to give a ‘strong, gritty, textured, urban finish’. To apply, you’re advised to rub a small amount in the palms of hands to warm the product and apply throughout dry hair. The brand recommends for best results to use on short, choppy haircuts, so I have to turn to my boyfriend for feedback on this one!

He found the formula was easy to use when styling and it left a nice grunge texture to his hair after application. One thing he wasn’t too keen on was the slightly gritty feel that the wax leaves behind, but he did say that it meant that the product held onto the hair throughout the day, so this was great for keeping the style in place. The smooth, soft fragranced formula definitely ticked several boxes and overall he was very impressed. He travels a lot with work so the size is also perfect for taking on the go.

Having tested a good selection of Windle & Moodie’s haircare and styling products, I’d definitely return to Windle & Moodie again. The brand has certainly come along way and is definitely one to watch out for in 2016.

You can find more products from Windle & Moodie at:

Words and images by Araminta Pender @mintypender

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