Women are asking their significant others to identify beauty blenders, and the results are extraordinary.

A brand new twitter trend has confirmed that the majority of men are clueless when it comes to makeup and the beauty realm.

Women have been asking their partners and male friends to identify a picture of a Beautyblender makeup sponge, resulting in some pretty bizarre responses.

It all began when beauty blogger, Selena Faye, encouraged her followers to send a picture of the makeup sponge to their partners, asking them to identify it.

Obviously, her 15.6k followers were just as intrigued to find out what the guys think, as hundreds of responses started to flood in.

A large majority of the guys identified it as “a pink egg” or a “pink raindrop”.

Others got a little bit more creative with their guesses.

Some replies were questionable…

But ladies, lets not write off our men just yet. Some of them knew exactly what we were talking about.

And as for Selena, she received a little thank you gift from Beautyblender for all of the publicity.

Selena Faye said: “I did expect it to become a big thing but not as big! I had a lot of followers before the trend and I usually get lots of retweets, but I’ve never been viral!”

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Words by Gemma Thompson.

Edited by Jasmin Woodward.

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