Staying in their homes is a priority for many people as they get older, but some people need help to do so. Your home is a place of memories and comfort. However, whilst many people are perfectly happy in assisted living facilities, retirement communities, and nursing homes, these are the last resorts for some people.

Home care has seen significant advancements in recent years. As a result, it is one of the fastest–growing care sectors. There are many different choices for home care, from companionship to home help to personal care and skilled nurses.

Read on for four reasons why home care can benefit you.


In many cases, home care is an excellent alternative to other forms of institutionalised care such as hospitals and nursing homes. Some illness and disabilities – depending on severity – can be perfectly managed by the proper home care limiting the amount of upheaval you would have to endure. If you do require any hospital visits having home care in place can mean that you are released more quickly. Doctors feel much more comfortable discharging patients who have a care system at home. Research has shown that recovery tends to happen faster at home than in other environments where you aren’t as comfortable; skilled home health professionals further expedite this healing.


When you can stay in your own home, you and your family members can be more intimately involved with any treatment you require. You can take an active role in your treatment and recovery with your medications and any other therapies you need. Home help can greatly improve your quality of life and promote feeling. Staying in your own home can also help slow the progression of illnesses as you are happy and healthy in an environment familiar to you, benefitting from specialist care at home. Abney & Baker are a care service provider who offer care packages to suit every need and every level of care required.

Independence and Freedom

Staying in your own home means that you can still live your life how you would like to. You are not confined to the schedules and will of others. You can continue to do the things that you enjoy within your community. Also, unlike care homes or hospitals, you are not restricted by visiting hours; your family and friends can come and go as you please. Some places also limit the number of visitors you can have at any one time or in any one day.


Depending on the number of hours needed weekly, home care can end up being the cheaper option. With other institutions, you are paying for the room, the staff, the food, the other services, whereas with home care you are simply paying for the staff time.

In Conclusion

Discussing care options can be daunting for all involved, but it is important to be open and honest about your needs. Sometimes, the decision to get care can be triggered by a traumatic event such as illness or bereavement, making the whole process more difficult. However, home care can provide you peace of mind and ease your burdens, so it is worth considering your options.

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