As a fitness enthusiast, I was excited when approached about Yogi2Me

What is it…
A London-based yoga app that allows users to book private yoga teachers on demand for lessons at home, the office, local park or hotel room.

Private and small group lessons start at £65.00

My experience…
I started by downloading the free app, Yogi2Me. The process of booking a class was very easy, I just popped in my post code and then chose the kind of yoga I wanted to try.

I decided upon Hatha Yoga, because it was described as the most physical form. Next I picked the duration – you can choose between 30, 60 or 90 minutes, I chose 60. You then have the choice of time or instructor. I went by time and lastly picked my teacher.

The class

We got straight into it, stretching it out going from Plank to Up Dog to Down Dog, focusing on my breathing and controlling each breath with every movement. I’ve done a couple yoga classes before, so these moves are pretty standard to me, but what I did find interesting was Austeja, my instructor, gave me advice on how to position my feet when doing the Down Dog and trying to keep an arch in my foot as I held this pose. This wasn’t the easiest thing to do, because I have relatively flat feet, but Hatha Yoga works to strengthen those muscles within the feet. I attempted this by pressing my big toe and inner heal down to try lift the arches.

Exercise can put a tremendous amount of strain on the body and even doing the simplest yoga moves can be harmful if done incorrectly, that’s why I enjoyed the one-on-one instructions, as they gave me the opportunity to really get the moves right and feel the stretches in the correct places.

I felt as though Austeja worked to my pace and ability and was really thorough in her instructions and attentiveness, even to my breathing.

I recommend trying out a class either by yourself or with a friend/colleague (as you can split the cost this way), because you will learn something different about what you may have been used to doing.

I normally just do yoga in group classes at my local gym and I don’t think I’ve felt the benefits as much as I did with this personal session.

Currently available in Zones 1 & 2 of Central London and Richmond/Twickenham.


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