Left picture: Alexander Wang and Zoe Kravitz at the launch party of the Swarovski line

When searching through countless Fashion Week shows and after parties, there is one actress who seems to pop up in the front row sitting next to the coolest people in fashion, music, art and film. Her name is Zoe Kravitz. Daughter of musician-turned actor Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet (famous for her role as Denise on the Cosby Show), has been photographed at fashion shows in New York and socializing with fashion figures.

She is even a close friend of designer and newly creative director of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, and has often modelled for his campaigns. Her unique style and exquisite features were first targeted by designer Vera Wang, for her Princess perfume campaign, as well as having modelled for stores like Eleven Paris. She has starred in films such as X-Men First Class and Yelling to the Sky, but her newest project shows her crossing the pond from film to fashion. Now we see her taking on a bigger role as the collaborator for Swarovski Crystallised! 
The line is an extension of the effortlessly cool Zoe Kravitz style. She uses turquoise to highlight all the jewellery, which is the colour of her birth stone and was influenced by Moroccan and Native American jewellery.

I was excited by the collaboration because Zoe Kravitz has always had a unique style and a great eye for what goes together, so it only feels natural that she would collaborate with a designer. “You shouldn’t take it too seriously, when you do, you lose the fun of it” says the actress about fashion. She has successfully incorporated her boho-chic style to the popular jewellery brand, allowing us to look just a little bit cooler. This line is young, fresh and unique: a true reflection of this ‘It’ girl’s style and personality, wouldn’t you agree?

Words: Vanessa Dos Santos

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