Hey Amorelles I realised in my time of writing music for you that I haven’t shared with you guys any artist I feel are worth checking out.
In my attempt to break that cycle I feel like an artist you guys should check out is Dani Robert. A 25-year-old pop singer who hails from the great musical nation of Canada. She recently released her debut single Clouds on June 27th which has already made the plays on Spotify and I feel is worth sharing with you all.

Her sound is one that I would describe as a fusion of piano-based, alternative pop, and EDM. With piano tunes that mix with a light base in the sound Clouds has a dream like sound and vibe to it.

Speaking on the song Dani has said “Clouds demonstrates the challenge of speaking what’s in your heart, exploring vulnerability, the subjectivity of human connection, love, and time.”

The Music video that was released on July 11th certainly matches that with the overall feel of the story of a lifelong friendship, featuring snapshots into their lives as toddlers, teens, and young adults, as they gradually develop feelings for one another.

Be sure to check out Dani on social media @DaniRobertMusic and stream ‘Clouds’ on Spotify.

Words: Seneo Mwamba

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