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In recent years Instagram has risen from having 12 million users in 2011 to 500 million users in 2015. In that time people have begun to use Instagram for many different things. For some it’s a way of showing off cute couple photos, for others it is a way of keeping up with what family member are doing. Some use it for more marketing purposes. Instagram has become popular among foodies and fitness fanatics. For some this is ideal, other users can post their workout secrets on there free for anyone to view along with healthy recipes for their followers to re create. Alongside the recipes and workout routines there are those who are already physically fit and enjoy showcasing it in their Calvins. Now before you start to think this is a rant against fit people who have a tight core and a thigh gap it isn’t – I promise. In fact, this article is to try and prove something. Instagram has a glorious feature called filters. Many use it to boost their photographs so that they look more polished and smart. This can be used to brighten up your coffee cup but also sculpt and emphasise how the person in the photograph looks.

Similar to Photoshopping, this technique allows the everyday Instagrammer to edit photos so that when they are seen in followers newsfeeds they click their site and buy products. These products may not even work and may not have been used by the person in the photo but due to being a small link between the two we purchase something we do not need.

Instagram is ideal for those trying to lose weight and get motivated, as it is full of people keen to help others. Just because it is on Instagram does not mean it’s not the average person, yes sometimes it is, but photographs can be edited and as we are all aware ladies, no matter how hard you work your skin isn’t going to be as smooth as the girl in the photo. That does not mean you aren’t beautiful and perfect in your own skin.

Words by: @AmyJoannaTaylor

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