There comes a point in almost every relationship when it seems like the flames of love have dwindled to a spark. Now you are wondering how to rekindle the excitement you felt in the early years of your time together and keep the romance alive. Actually, it’s not too hard to do. It will just take a bit of thought to figure out what will work for you. Here are three suggestions that just might fan the flame once again.

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1. Greet Them with a Touch

Do you remember the early days when you met each other at the door with a heartfelt hug and maybe a kiss or two? Sometimes the passion would ignite to the point where dinner was put on hold for just a bit, or maybe longer than it should have waited. What was it about that moment? Do you recall how it felt to have your loved one in your arms after being away from each other all through the day? Why not take that moment back? Greet your partner at the door with real joy and love in your eyes as you reach out to hold them close. There’s nothing like being warmly greeted to express just how much you care.

2. An Evening in Front of the Fire

How long has it been since you’ve taken an evening with the lights dimmed, a glass of wine and the full attention of the man you love? Why not light the fireplace, turn down the lights and sip a glass or two of wine while sharing stories from your day? Unfortunately, too many homes today just don’t have a lovely, traditional fireplace, so why not have one installed just for moments like this? In fact, check out some authentically historic fireplaces at of London. What could be more romantic than stepping back in time to the days before technology and all the distractions of 21st century life in the fast lane?

3. Sweet Gestures of Love

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Every so often, do something totally unexpected. It’s the little things that matter most. For example, on a night where he least expects it, greet him with a candlelit dinner of his favourite meal. Have champagne chilling on the table, the fire lit in the fireplace and perhaps you could be wearing the negligee he likes best. Or, on another day, perhaps gift him with tickets to his favourite football club for him and a mate. What woman would think to do that? These little sweet gestures keep the romance alive and that will mean more to him than words could ever express.

You know your man better than anyone. Take time to think about those things that make him happy and then make them happen! It’s all about letting him know that you love him enough to want him to be happy and satisfied in life. If you want to keep the romance alive, remember, it’s about doing what makes your man happy. Watch how quickly that spark of love explodes into a flame once again.

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