So, lets begin with some basic mathematics and logic. The average cost per home student to attend university as of 2012, averages at around £9250 p/a for an undergraduate degree. University probably demands about a good 2 – 3 years of my life so, £9250 x 3 = £27,750. Dependant upon your loan plan, you begin to repay your loan once you start earning £18,330 p/a. So, £27,750 / £18,330 = 1.5 years to repay, or more based on your lifestyle. We can agree that’s a fuck load of money.

Let me get this straight, the government expects me to invest … credit, into their institutions that get me to teach myself, anyway. I’d rather NOT be in dept before 20 years of age, many thanks. Perhaps its the inner hustler of a #Girlboss. I say give me the subheadings and I’ll do the work myself. You can get a higher education with YouTube!

There are so many amazing women going through uni and coming out still unaware of themselves, working the same retail jobs and doubtful of what they want to do. I believe there is an inner #GirlBoss in all of us, from every background, age and race. I believe the mind is a powerful, FREE tool that we are able to move, exercise and liquidate into any form of knowledge we desire to acquire.

So, ask yourself? WHY do you want to go to uni? Take your family and friends out of the equation and listen to your heart. No one’s got you the way your own emotions do. Is it really beneficial to your experience the way it would be for a doctor or nurse? Ask yourself why, give yourself an answer, and ask ‘why’ once again. Repeat that 5 times and write down your answer. Now be brave and believe in yourself Queen!

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