A girl in Europe; Brugge, a step back in time

Known to us English speaking folk as Bruges, this little city is one of the most famous in Belgium. Word of warning, do not wear heels when you visit here as it is cobble central.

When I planned on going to Belgium, Brugge instantly jumped up my ‘places I want to visit’ as I’d heard so many great things about it. My hopes and dreams about this city being beautiful were met.

From its cobbles to horse and carts to tea rooms, this city is full of classic beauty and unique shops. Unlike cities in London, which have remained old-fashioned but been renovated into modern stores. Brugge has stayed true to its routes, with the exception of one or two shops.

Walking around I couldn’t help but feel as if I was in a Jane Austen book, I wanted to trade my skinny jeans and jumper for an ankle length dress and bonnet. The whole atmosphere gave you a feeling of nostalgia.

Much like in Austen novels, romance is expressed here throughout the city, walking around arm in arm with my partner it was easy to see why people could fall in love here. The canals, the horses, the buildings, it all added to the romantic nature of this city.

This whole experience was incredible, if you are a fan of pre-Victorian and Victorian literature then you’ll love this city. Bonnet and parasol are optional.

Words : Amy Taylor

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