Having blusher has a part of your make-up routine can add a splash of warmth to your complexion; however, using the wrong one can leave you looking a colourful mess. Here are the best recommended blushers for your skin tone.

Fair skin

For those with fair skin it is always best to go with a baby pink. Baby pinks create a subtle flush of colour that is more visible on fair skin. If your skin has more yellow/warm undertones then a peach blush would work perfectly. Peaches are incredibly flattering and compliments skin with yellow undertones best, as the colour itself has yellow/orange undertones.

Medium skin

In terms of medium skin, a soft and fresh shade is apricot. As medium skin is already warm, an apricot shade would enhance that warmth, creating a flirty glow. Also, a soft berry blush would be very flattering.  Soft berry tones are delicate, sweet, and add a splash of colour.

Olive Skin

Olive skin is perfect for a rose blush. Rose blushes are very delicate and natural which is perfect to use day to day for olive skin. Bronzer can also be used to accentuate olive skin undertones creating a healthy glow. Those with olive skin are more likely to tan better; this allows a bronzer to look really natural on their skin.

Dark Skin

With dark skin it is recommended to choose bold and highly pigmented blushes to avoid any ‘muddy’ looking finishes. Raisin blushes are perfect for inserting that radiant glow to your make-up routine. Brick shades are also excellent for dark skin, especially for creating warmth due to its redder undertones.

It is important to avoid blushes that are too cool for your skin tone as they can leave you with an ‘ashy’ complexion – which is not what we want!

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