A garden provides neighbours and passers-by with an insight into your home. If it looks messy and unloved, you can guarantee they’ll think it looks the same inside your property.

However, it is possible to turn your exterior design around to create an impressive space that will impress your neighbours. To develop a beautiful outdoor area that complements your home, take a look at the following tips on how to create a perfect garden.

Make a Plan

Start by making a plan for your dream garden. Think carefully about the size of your garden and how you want to use it each day. For example, where would you put a seating area, decking, BBQ, or outdoor dining table? Do you want flower beds or potted plants? The choice is yours.

Think About Your Plants

It’s vital to strategically choose the location of your plants. While some might need to soak up the sun to thrive, others might prefer to be kept in a shaded area. Do your homework before you buy to avoid purchasing the wrong options for your garden.

Deter Unwanted Insects

Do you want to prevent insects from ruining your outdoor experience on a summer’s day? All you must do is incorporate plants that act as a natural insect repellent. For example, you could grow chives, garlic and onions.

Build a Pond

Nothing will feel more tranquil than walking into your garden and watching colourful fish swim from A to B. Of course; you’re going to need the right tools to get started, such as pond pumps, filters, maintenance items, and pond lighting. To find all the products you need to create a stunning pond, visit water-garden.co.uk.

Think About Your Household Needs

You also must take your household needs into account. For example, if you are raising children, you might need to add a dedicated play area for your children, such as a sand pit or climbing frame.

However, if it’s just you and your spouse, you could add a large alfresco dining table or outdoor bar to enjoy many garden parties during summer.

Stay on Top of Weeds

It doesn’t matter how many weeds you dig up or spray; they can often pop up throughout the seasons. They’re a natural garden pest that can detract from your exterior design, which is why you must regularly walk around your garden to remove them from in between your paving, grass or flower beds.

It’s essential to show your lawn some love in autumn. Before the cold weather hits, you must mow your lawn for the last time in late October and remove any dead leaves from your grass.

It will help you to create a healthy, happy green lawn next summer. Autumn is also a great season to plant bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths, so your garden will look bright and beautiful come spring.

Make a Raised Bed

Raised beds are a great way to maintain a beautiful garden, and they are ideal for growing flowers, plants and vegetables. What’s more, they’re ideal for gardeners who have a bad back, as there will be less bending down to show your plants and vegetables some TLC.

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