Getting individual lashes done is becoming quite popular at the moment, however it you are old school like me and love to put your glam on with those mink over the top lashes then make sure you listen up (this advice is also for myself because I lack doing some of the below) but looking after your strip lashes are equally as important as looking after individual ones. So here are some tips below of how to look after your falsies so that you can use them over and over again.

When I first heard/saw someone do this I was very shocked as I have never heard of such before, after all they are fake lashes so why must I look after them as if they are my own? but if you do want to use them 25x + times like it says on the packaging, then make sure you clean them after use. The best way to do this is to get a cotton bud and run it under hot water, then glide in along the strip which is used to add the adhesive on. That way there is not any build up of glue each time you want to re- use them which later on could possibly cause an eye infection. Make up remover is also a good tool to use to remove that excess mascara and glue on your lashes.

2. Store in safe place

Before I become serious about makeup, I used to buy a pack of lashes each week from either Primark or the hair shop and at that time I did not have the understanding that lashes can last for ages (obvs because I was using rubbish quality ones) but I would still spend around £5 each week and not even remember where I threw the second lash the next morning. Now I have over 10 packs of lashes and honestly can’t sleep right if I don’t know that my lashes are stocked correctly. The best way to do this would be to store the lashes back in the container that you purchased it with and try not to be like me and throw it away.

3. Apply with tweezers!

Lashes apply so much more smoother and easier when you use tweezers as oppose to pressing and pressing with your fingers which will just end up frustrating you. I brought a pack of two from Primark and I have never looked back. After you have applied the glue onto the lashes, Flap it a little with the tweezers then gently apply from the end to the middle (I learnt that from youtuber Nellie Roberts)

4. Trim down if you need to!

Sometimes when you wear a particular set of lashes, depending on your eye shape they may tend to overlap on your eye meaning you need to trim to ends. Trimming the ends give your eye shape better dimension which will allow the strip lashes to stay in place all day/all night long – as long as you trimmed it enough. Remember to get lashes according to your eye shape so not something that will make your eyes necessarily look smaller.

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