Many men are resistant to shop for themselves and are even less likely to go out to invest in a new and exciting wardrobe that’ll have them looking at their best. Deep down, though, they still like to look good, and still value the advice of a friend, partner or family member in their style curation. So, with a new year approaching, here are some tips to curate a unique and gorgeous look that’ll see him through 2019 and beyond in a more stylish and elegant manner.


The palette of a man’s existing wardrobe is essential. Does her lean heavily towards greys, whites and blacks? Is he more colour-oriented? Does he have an earthy, autumnal colour scheme to his trousers and t-shirts? The trick here is to blend his existing wardrobe with some new clothing choices. You don’t need to reinvent him entirely; you want to complement what he’s already got. Opt for new items which work well with what is already in his wardrobe.


Whether he is the kind of man to boast about only having three pairs of shoes, or he is someone with an extensive collection for all occasions, there’s always room for improvement! As we move into the middle of a cold winter, leather boots make both a practical and stylish addition to a man’s shoe collection. Some smart sneakers are more preferable for indoors, while a sharp new pair of business brogues, with a touch of individuality, make for a great present that’ll last through the years, worn every day as he goes about his work in the office.

Statement Items

Then there are the statement items he needs to add to his collection in the new year. These are the clothing and accessory additions that’ll really show off his character and personality. There are many items in this field:

  • Distinctive vintage jackets
  • Stylish and modern mens glasses
  • Bracelets, rings, earrings or necklaces
  • Hats of all shapes and sizes
  • Smart leather belts


As with the shoes, there are many different kinds of guys when it comes to how they maintain their hair. Some choose to visit the barber every couple of weeks to perfect their look, while others prefer to leave it to grow naturally. A gentle nudge in the direction of a new and exciting style can do wonders if you’re wondering whether there’s a haircut that will suit his features. Whether that involves growing out his hair, applying new products, or shaving it right down, there’s plenty he can achieve by adjusting his head of hair.

What’s more, he needs to take care of his facial hair and cultivate a new style to change his appearance quickly and easily. Beards are a hot trend, and they don’t look like they will be going away anytime soon!

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