Bahghi has released her first single in celebration of her birthday, ’25’. The track is about the feelings of acceptance, growth, and change – Bahghi paints a flood of all her emotions onto this reflective track and the melodic track, produced by Bahghi’s brother, Aaron Yemane, is a blend of sounds: jazz, soul, and pop. The smooth bass-heavy instrumental intertwined with Bahghi’s vocals is meditative and creates a dream-like reality. 

When speaking about the track, Bahghi states, “the song is about being grateful for still having my parents (I reconciled with my dad after 15 years) and for them and God giving me my life. ‘25’ is about being grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned, including realizing I am enough the way I am and I have the power to stand on my own feet”. 

For those who don’t know, Bahghi is an Amsterdam-based artist of Eritrean heritage. First trained as a classical violinist, she started singing after falling in love with jazz. At home, she was constantly exposed to the music of African and African-American musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Sudanese singer Rasha. As she continues to explore her musical identity she lifts up spirits through her upbeat yet conscious music. As of this year, she has started working on her debut album set to be released in 2021.

Listen to her first single below:

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