Girl boss, and 1/2 of 100K hilarious girl chat youtube channel ‘The Patronnes’ Duo Adeola Patronne and Sola Patronne regularly host sit down topics of everyday life challenges and struggles as well as downs and ups of being a young mid 20’s woman, and balancing business and personal life. Adeola speaks on her new love/hobby for music and how she feels about quitting her 9-5 job to pursue Youtube full time. 

Your Youtube channel ‘The Patronnes’ along with Sola Patronne has grown from strength to strength within the last few years, what do you feel has been the key to maintaining a good online presence? 

Thank you. It is really hard nowadays as there is a lot of similar channels on YouTube. I think now it’s just about genuine personalities and consistency which I believe is what has carried us through. 

Your channel recently hit 100K (Huge congrats!) What is a tip that you have learnt along your journey that has helped with your current success? 

Thank you! The key on youtube I would say is definitely consistency with regular uploads, I think when people start they think ‘wow this will be easy’ then they start and realise it’s actually harder than they thought, a video they thought would do well isn’t doing as well as they would like, and it’s really easy to just give up. But that’s when you just have to keep pushing and motivate yourself to keep going. Because it really can just take that one video that brings tons of engagement to your channel. 

A lot of people have noticed that recently yourself and Sola have become more open and honest on your channel, do you feel that this is important for longevity? 

Definitely! I feel like because we have been doing YouTube for a while it comes to a point where subscribers want more than funny videos or thought out videos. They really want to know more about you and feel like you’re just like them and we do all go through the struggles. When they feel like they can relate to you as a person is when you really start building good relationships with your followers. 

You released a video last year June titled “I quit” where you spoke about leaving your 9-5 to become a full time blogger. How has the journey been so far as an entrepreneur and what tips do you have for others that are attempting to leaving their day job to become a full time business owner?

It is hard you definitely have to be focussed and mentally ready for the challenge. I would recommend before any drastic decisions cutting down hours first seeing if it’s what you can really live on and work on 100%. Before I officially quit I had been working for myself for a few years so I already knew it was something I could do. The journey was still definitely hard as there was a lot more I needed to learn and grow on but I’ve actually enjoyed it and glad I done it. I’m very independent now and I’ve recently just signed on to my first management which will help me grow more. It’s all been a process which I’m still currently on but I look forward to seeing what this new chapter brings. 

How do you find the balance between Youtube, your cosmetics line ‘Patronnes Cosmetics’ and your new interest of music? 

It’s not hard to find a balance at all. There’s a lot of time in the day to get things done when you’re not lazy. Most times I go to the studio in the evening and Patronnes work will be done during the day. 

You have recently developed an interest in music and have featured on your brothers most recent song ‘style and ease’ Is music something you are taking seriously or is this a hobby for the meantime? 

Personally for me it’s just a hobby right now I like trying new things and just seeing where it goes. I don’t like having that ‘what if’ thought in my head so anything I get a chance or opportunity to do I will 100% jump at it

Your style seems super classy/boujie, especially on our Instagram feed. Who would you say is your style inspiration? 

Thank you. I don’t think I have a style inspiration I follow a lot of fashion bloggers so I think I just take inspiration from a few which adds to my style. A few of my favourites are @wunmibello @itsmariammusa @aaliyahjay @charlotteemilysanders 

Who is a Youtuber that you would love to collaborate with? 

Most of my collaborations have been with girls that I’m very cool with off camera as there needs to be a vibe. Any Youtuber I watch I genuinely just love their content or them as a person and would be happy just watching them cause I love them lol. But my favourites are Patricia bright and Aaliyahjay. 

What tips would you give to someone who is struggling to grow their online brand? Whether youtube or any online business?

Keep going at it, reach out to people that are doing well in what you’re trying to do and ask for advice. Do research on what exactly you’re struggling with, maybe you might need a different approach 

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