Summer Payton has returned, and is bringing a heady dose of attitude in the captivating new visuals for ‘Need To Know’. Teaming up with rapper Tia P on the record, the pair exude confidence and deliver empowering energy that is undeniably infectious. Filled with an abundance of neon lights, stylistic shots and filmed at various striking locations, the dynamic video carries a vibrant aesthetic that will keep viewers hooked from start to finish. Also making an appearance in the video is Summer’s brother, Phil The Prodigal who notably produced the track, marking ‘Need To Know’ as the siblings’ first official musical collaboration.

Speaking on the single, Summer revealed: “‘Need to Know’ was a song that was a long time in the making. My brother, Phil the Prodigal first made the beat a while back and I knew it was a banger immediately. He didn’t know it was for me yet but I had my eye on it, watching from afar to see what he did with it. At some point I had him send me the bounce of the beat and I was carrying it around in my notes section in my phone waiting for inspiration to strike me. And it did, random as always. I was coming out of acting class and the words and melody just hit me. “We on a need to know, that’s how this go”. I remember running to my car to record a voice note and mumble more melodies. At the time I was fed up with people trying to be in my business and thinking they know things about me and my friends that they don’t. When I got home that night I wrote the whole chorus and my verse and recorded the demo. As I listened back the next day I thought how dope would it be to get a feature on this from a woman who’s a rapper and amp up the female empowerment on the record. I instantly knew I wanted my girl Tia P. on it. She’s a dope MC and I knew she would come and lace it with the fire and energy it needed. She did not disappoint! She blazed it. Tia is the only feature on my debut album, ‘Golden Hour’. ‘Need to Know ft. Tia P’ sits proudly at Track 9. So when it was time to shoot the video I just wanted to showcase to the world what two B O S S E S look like. We’re just out in LA driving through the streets having fun and doing what we do best, performing and expressing ourselves.”

Summer Payton is an R&B singer, songwriter, musician and producer from Chicago, Illinois. With a penchant for music, and her father a musician in the church, Summer was surrounded by music from a young age, quickly picking up skills such as learning to play the piano by ear. As a means to cope with childhood struggles, her pain led her to pick up a pen and take to songwriting, with this later progressing to musical composition. Her musical journey took her to New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, where she continued to craft and develop her artistry.

Summer has been described as an ‘old soul’ due to her musical influences. The sounds of Motown, and her Gospel infused upbringing, combined with classic 90’s R&B are what drive her sound. She sings songs of independence, self-love, relationships and female empowerment. At the age of 17, she met Grammy Award-winning music producer Larrance Dopson from the legendary band 1500 or Nothin’ who recognized her early talents. After graduating from NYU, Summer spent time at his 1500 Sound Academy, which helped her round out her skills and builds experience in engineering and music production. Summer has since performed in multiple cities across the world, including Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Berlin. She released her debut album, ‘Golden Hour’ on her golden birthday, December 25th, 2020, consisting of 12 deeply personal and authentic gems. Levelling up with every release, Summer Payton is making all the right moves and is headed straight for the top.

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