First thing’s first, an affirmation is a statement that you make in relation to yourself and the life you are living. An affirmation is something that you confirm about yourself and keep active at the forefront of your mind. It can go either way. “I hate being here” or “I see value in my life,” both are affirmations and produce different emotional responses. 

Everything we say, whether we like it or not, is an affirmation, and you will always prove yourself right whatever it is you believe. Talk shit about yourself for 2 minutes and see how it feels, as compared to giving yourself those accolades you deserve.

Consider someone you find inspirational, living the life you desire to live. Think about the inner dialogue it takes in order for one to be in that position. For instance, Michelle Obama couldn’t be the woman she is, without truly believing that she is good-hearted, intelligent and worthy.

It’s possible for all of us to have a slice of cake and be our best selves, you are the only one who needs to believe it. Here are some affirmations to get you started each morning and every night before you go to sleep.

  1. I am free
  2. I am worthy
  3. I am good
  4. I have value
  5. I have purpose
  6. I am light onto the world
  7. I am invested in my highest good
  8. I am a powerful, honest and decisive woman

Write out these affirmations over and over again and allow it to slowly become the new hot topic of your inner dialogue. The person you see in the mirror will start to look more and more like the woman you have truly blossomed into.

Have your own affirmations to share with the other Amorelles? Send them in on our submissions page!

Words : Oluchi Olivia

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