Amor Discovers The Truth About Binge Drinking And The Effects It Has On Women.

Imagine this scenario: You can barely open your eyes but still feel the room spinning. Your dress is torn and your heels are broken. It’s then, that you realise you don’t know where your keys, phone, purse or ID are, and that feeling of nausea isn’t just caused by the worry and fear that you may have embarrassed yourself last night. Does it sound familiar? It should do, because we’ve probably all been there!

It’s a common misconception that women are responsible when it comes to alcohol consumption, what with the dangerous new ‘necknominate’ trend that sees people and mostly males, downing a stomach churning concoction of spirits in as little time as possible. In fact, a recent survey has staggeringly revealed that thousands more women are being hospitalised each year, due to drinking unsafe amounts, compared to men. Amor magazine were alarmed to learn that for women, drinking over 6 units of alcohol a week is actually considered binge drinking by hospitals across the UK, but on nights out, many of us consume that in a space of around five hours.

There are so many health implications to excessive drinking that the government has recently called for a rise in the prices of cheap alcohol. Dr Paul Southern, a consultant at Bradford’s Royal Infirmary informed us that a number of people, especially women, are dying in their early twenties from things such as liver disease or, sadly, choking on their own vomit whilst in a state of pure intoxication. There are even concerns that binge drinking can lead to further complications with medical research recently revealing that one in five breast cancers are linked to alcohol.

Excessive  drinking is also the cause of weight gain amongst twenty something females, with gynaecologists across the UK referring to alcohol as ‘liquid fats’. So just how do you avoid overdoing it? Jenny Fauston, director of the Suzy Lamplugh trust suggests that we keep a “mental note” on the amount we are drinking to avoid that dreaded  ‘drinking black out’ which can lead to sexual abuse or even death. She also recommends alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on nights out to regulate your drinking patterns.

We also can’t forget the physical implications of alcohol which dry out the skin and can be the cause of wrinkles. So don’t forget to stay hydrated whilst on that dance floor as well as the next day when you can feel that hangover kicking in. It’s all about being aware, girls! Don’t let your responsibilities slide.

By: Jacqueline Kilikita

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