This week, Amor magazine decided to change up the theme. Instead of picking the best dressers on the street this week, we decided to pick the best outfit from our very own bloggers!

Let’s have a look at the trendsetters of the week (blog style)!

Clarissa Henry from VDR Blog –

Clarrisa’s graphic t-shirt is far from amazing. Paired with black converses she pulls of the grudge look effortlessly.

Gemma Talbot from Whats in her Wardrobe Blog –

LWD (little white dress) is a summer essential and Gemma’s one from Topshop is the cutest ever.

Joanne Randall from Fifty Six Freckles Blog –

Colour block crazy! Love this outfit, all summer colours and so fresh and fruity. Joanne made this outfit her own!

Lydia from Fashion Influx Blog –

This is such a cool, sexy dress and screams 90s. Lydia added little touches to dress such as the boots and chocker chain, which makes this dress more modern.

Shuvi Golay from Fashion and Cupcakes Blog –

Shuvi reinvented this nighttime dress into a daytime dress with her simple accessorising. Take note, with simple and small changes you can always reinvent a new dress!

Words: Michelle Hung 

Make sure you check out her blog! –

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