Many years ago you’d be pulling a frowned, puzzled, racking your brain out face (most probably not looking too fit), whilst trying to figure out just who this girl was. To many she was/is known primarily as Phil Collin’s daughter, but to me, well, she was the ridiculously pretty girl out of the Blind Side, whose eyebrows I wanted oh SO badly.  No matter how much eyebrow growing I endured it was fair to say I’d just never be like Lily. Yes she might be dark haired and English but there was no way I was polishing off great acting skills. However, then it came to me, I’d found my light- we were both born on the same day, same month and the very same year. Surely she was my twin, right?

Quiet on the paparazzi scene, few films under the belt and a quiet social media life, Lily was the epitome of a guarded celebrity, until now. Within the past 4 weeks I’ve noted more photographs, outings and jealousy pangs ( by myself) than I had in a long, long time( and that’s just through following her on Instagram). It’s fair to say you know you’re “in” with the crowd when Karl Lagerfeld cements you into his Chanel world and cordially invites you to his show. Shining bright in Chanel couture, sat alongside some of the major fashion players, Lily had entered the bright world of bigger stardom with fashion fanatics like me, fully ready to stalk.

An aspiring model from a younger age, she balanced both her acting life, school life and professional life to a tee, with the understanding that schooling was important and the glitz could come later and now, it was later- this was Lily’s time to shine. From her distinctive brow, quirky sense of style, band of ‘Lily followers’, designers on side and ridiculous girls like me, Lily is one to watch. I tell you now, if Karl loves her and I love her, trust me in saying that you will too.

Rockin’ the gold chain, knit jumper and tousled waves- combining the effortless day wear with a secret edge.

‘Shine on’ – Her time is now, Asos cover, A perfect partnership to showcase Lily’s unique style and youthful effect.

The designer: Chanel, Paris Haute Couture Fashion week ’14. Embellished skirt teamed with a thick patterned knit, creating a delight of textures to draw in the eye.

The short “doo”- The hairstyle of the season, mixed with a slight “somber” dye, Lily radiates the beauty of the hair with the long standing statement thick brow. Perfection at its best in a seriously effortless way.

Words: Emma Louise Ryan

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