Allure Coiffure REVIEWED

Hair retailers established in Switzerland, Allure & Coiffure, supply the highest quality human hair clips; Virgin Brazilian and Virgin Remy weave at an affordable price. New to the social media scene and previously only supplying to private individuals, professionals and the Swiss elite, Allure & Coiffure are ready to branch out and supply ‘Top Quality Hair’ to women across Europe.

Spice up your weave, whether you want it to look sexy or stylish, Allure & Coiffure is the retailer for you.

To all our fellow weave lovers, you are beautiful, and your hair deserves to be as well. Don’t let any brand lay on your scalp; Allure & Coiffure aim to supply women from all walks of life with various hair textures and lengths to suit your individual styles. Weave allows you to mix up hair colours and textures, be a bohemian curly goddess one month and have romantic waves flowing to the small of your back the next, all without frying and dyeing your own locks.


“Having heard many horror stories from friends who have purchased hair online or local hair stores selling poor quality hair, I was apprehensive. However, a close friend of mine was lucky enough to be invited to one of Allure & Coiffure’s elite hair party extravaganzas. Hair still swinging after one month and loving her weave, she was so excited to brag about her ‘good weave’ and insisted I contact them. After purchasing 400 grams from them, I was pleasantly surprised at the quantity of the bundle received and I couldn’t stop running my fingers through my new lush weave.”

If your train is thinking of jumping the track into the wonderful world of weave, make it a point to make your investment in hair extensions worthwhile at Allure & Coiffure.

By Ashanti Afiotor

This article has been taken from Sep/Oct 2012 issue (13th Publication). To read the issue online, please click the link below:

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