The Streets attended the UMAs where we found out the latest goss with TOWIE star Jasmine, spoke about female empowerment with Red Madrell, the “Azonto hype” with Fuse ODG and bumped into many more!

Let’s take a look at who said what!

Jasmine from TOWIE

What’s going on with you and Dan?!

“What is going on with me and Dan (laughs)? I’ve known him for a long time, he’s a good-looking boy, and obviously we really get on. We flirt quite a lot, (laughs) he’s lovely.”

What is it like being on the TOWIE show considering all the drama you have with the other girls?

“I’m quite a strong-minded person. Women should stick up for themselves, and I think this is why we clash. You’ve kind of got to stick up for yourself. It’s not like I don’t get on with all of them, it’s only a couple of them, and the rest of them are lovely, I get on with the guys a lot too. Lauren, Chloe, Frankie obviously Abbie.”

Is any of the drama scripted?

“No, no, no it’s all real life.”

How did you get into TOWIE?

“I grew up with all the boys and went to school with them, so the show found out about me.”

Interview with Red Madrell (Kidulthood star)

What’s been going on?

“Since Adulthood and Kidulthood’s success, it’s been very difficult to match anything to that level, because it was an amazing project. When I did the project – I was 16, I hadn’t even finished college. So I think acting is great, but it is really important to have an education as well. I went and completed university and since then, I’ve featured in ‘Skins’, worked with Femi and I’ve just done lots and lots of work.”

What are you looking to do in the future?

“Such a good question…you know what?… the normal thing that actors say they want do is – go to America. But I feel that all my roots are in England, so I want to stay here.”

What’s your opinion about female empowerment in the industry?
To be honest, this ties into my idea of America. In America, an actress of colour, doesn’t have as many opportunities as we have here. More so in recent years, women like Kerry Washington are showing us that it’s allowed to happen. It’s a good example, that an urban black ethic woman can do it.  I just feel that a lot of women have paved the way for us, which has allowed us to have so much more power. But for now, I think I’m going to stick with the UK and concentrate here, and I want to be 100% ready before I think about going to America!”

What did you think about tonight’s event?

“Tonight’s event, I feel that – we – as in ‘urban’, try to do our own stuff and we don’t have the same financial backing, so we have to do everything ourselves. I love the fact we actually put this together!”

Interview with Fuse ODG

Congratulations on winning 4 awards tonight! How does it feel?

“It’s an amazing feeling. I was honoured to even just be nominated for five awards and to actually take four of them home – Wow! I’m so overwhelmed with the support and the love we’ve been getting. Not just from the UMAs but the people as well, when they hear my name, they support and it’s a blessing. It keeps me more motivated.”

Your music has boomed so much this year!

“When I’m in the club and I hear people reacting my music like that, I feel so overwhelmed. It makes me want to make more music for the people because initially I was making the music to bring Afrobeats to the people. I did a show yesterday, and everyone was Azonto-ing, and I loved it! I feel that I have been put into a position where I’ve helped Afrobeats progress outside of Africa.”

Tell us about 2014

“2014 – more music videos, my album is coming out. So you guys stay tuned, and my single is going to be out on the 22nd of December ‘A million pound girl, badder than bad’.”

What does Afrobeats mean to you?

“To me – it means I get to show the other side to Africa. The media show a lot of the negative side of Africa, and I want to show the reasons why I feel so happy when I am there – I want to showcase that side.”

Other than the interviews, we also bumped into a few familiar faces!

Wardah Sempa and Big Nasty

Wardah Sempa and Charlie Sloth 

Wardah Sempa and Eastenders Star Kierston Wareing

Wardah Sempa and Kojo 

Wardah Sempa with UK rapper Ghetts

Wardah Sempa with Red Madrell

How cute does the founder of Amor look?!

Overall it was a great event, thanks for the invite UMAs!

Words: Wardah Sempa

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