Our music editor Ella December, catches up with North London’s very own Scorcher after his performance at The Drop. Let’s see what Scorcher AKA Skywalker had to say!

Amor: Hi Scorcher, you’ve come along way from being a member of Cold Blooded crew in 2005 to a rapper/actor now. How do you think your music style has changed?

Scorcher: I’m still in Cold blooded, might as well get a cold blooded tattoo (laughs) – it’s deeper than music. My music style has developed as a person; I’ve got more layers to my music now as I have more layers to me as a person.

Amor: You’ve had a lot of mixtapes out since you’ve been emceeing, will there be an album following Concrete Jungle?

Scorcher: There will be eventually, getting the EP out. (Scorcher stares at the red curtains)  I feel to call it red velvet now, looking at these curtains. There’s no name for the EP just yet, but it’s all about touching base with my fans.

Amor: It was Valentine’s Day recently, and we know you have a lot of female fans. How did you spend it?

Scorcher: I was in the studio actually (laughs)

Amor: That will surprise a lot of your fans though…

Scorcher: If I wasn’t in the studio, I wouldn’t have any fans.

Amor: Unbeknown to some, you have your own video production company – Staple House.  Where you direct videos, what has been your favourite video you’ve directed so far?

Scorcher: Dark Knight because it was different, yeah it was different to a 100 guys in the club and a 100 girls in the club.  We did something different, with hoodies and a green screen. A lot of artists take inspiration from artists; we take inspiration from the cinema.

Amor: What do you think is the best UK video?

Scorcher: One of So Solid’s videos, they had so many. Any So Solid video is the blueprint for all records with more than 2 people in it. But probably 21 seconds was the best; the wardrobe, the set, the timing and the editing.

Amor: What do you think the UK scene lacks?

Scorcher: There’s a lack of confidence and self-belief. I’m not sure if I seem arrogant but I believe in what I do. Artists are more focused on what they’re wearing. They don’t put that same amount of effort into the music. A lot of musicians care more about Instagram and the launch party instead of the music.

Amor: Your friend Terminator had an infamous dispute with fellow rapper Young Marv. What’s your take on the situation?

Scorcher: It is what is, if you know Terminator he’s on his job.

Amor: Are The Movement still together?

Scorcher: I don’t think you can leave The Movement. I would be disappointed if Wretch said I’m not in The Movement. The bond is deeper than music; these people have visited me while I was in jail and when I was broke. I’d be really disappointed.

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