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Amorelles, you know how obsessed I am with teeth whitening and I think I’ve just found the perfect pocket friendly package! I tried out the Celebrity Teeth White kit. I am always pretty sceptical about new teeth whitening products as I have super sensitive gums but this product didn’t irritate or hurt my gums at all.

The pack came with very clear instructions. After moulding the retainers, I used the chart to see what colour my teeth were before, then I used the LED light for thirty minutes and the after result was shocking. My teeth were instantly whiter by nearly four shades!

So far I have used the whitening kit three times and my teeth just keep getting brighter. As it’s so compact and easy to use, I pop it on while I’m cleaning the house (dancing in the kitchen), watching TV, cooking, it’s also perfect to use just before date night or if you’re going somewhere special – literally 30 minutes of whitening and then, well… magic!

What I like is the fact that the kit comes with 6 syringes which have three treatments in them each, if that isn’t value for money I don’t know what is! You will see pretty shocking results after the first use. I am so pleased that I came across Celebrity Teeth White and cannot wait to continue to use it. The Celebrity Teeth White team are super friendly and keep you up to date with the tracking of your package and for a company that ships worldwide, I was pleasantly surprised with how fast it was delivered. 

Amorelles, if you have been thinking about teeth whitening, this is the product to get, don’t bother spending hundreds on dentists when you can get the same results in the comfort of your own home. Get ordering Girls!

Your Celebrity Teeth White will include:

x6 High quality whitening gels (dental level)

x4 mouth remould-able trays

x6 syringe tips

x6 syring caps (helps it stay fresher for longer)

x1 laser light

x2 lithium batteries

x1 foil zipped pouch for hygiene & regular use

x1 instructions

x1 complimentary shade guide Your Celebrity Teeth White will include:

The full kit is only $28.99. Yes, you read that right! That includes worldwide shipping 

You can order your Celebrity Teeth White kit now on 

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Words: @MyaSavannah_

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