Amor magazine took the time to speak to the talented singer (working with MOBO winning producer Dexplicit) Gemma Fox!

The singer who was signed to polydor! Talks about her inspiration, collaborations and goals! Let’s take a look…

1.     Amor magazine loved your voice, what made you want to become a singer. I grew up around so many different types of music with my mum into soul, my dad into rock and roll, my brother into hardcore and sisters into rare groove so various music genres were always playing. I loved Mary J.Blige’s album 411 and that’s what confirmed my desire to be a singer.

2.     To give the audience an idea on who you are, tell us a bit about yourself? I’m the singer from back in the beginning of 2000′s who did garage tracks such as ‘Messy’, ‘Girlfriends Story’ and ‘Gone’ featuring J2K and Juelz Santana. I have been on the bassline scene with tracks such as ‘Boxers’, ‘Might Be’ and featured on many grime tracks back in the day. I’m a vibes person who loves festivals and dancing haha!

3. Why music? It creates memories, brings out your emotions and it’s a great way to express yourself.

4. What kind of era of music are you looking to get into? I’m focusing on dance music which has an element of deep tech house, house, acid house, break beat etc. a mix of everything I was brought up on, all mixed into one track for example like ‘Sunshine.

5. What singers would you say, was your inspiration and why? I listen to many types of music and eras, like the 80s, but as I said before Mary J.Blige was, and is my idol. 

6. Have you collaborated with anyone you haven’t got on with, and why (be honest)! No – I wouldn’t work with anyone I didn’t get on with. Music is a vibe, although I have recorded with people I was friends with but maybe no longer.

7. What artist would you love to collaborate with?  I would love, love, love to work with Black Koffee an amazing African house producer and singer Bucie.

8. What future projects do you have in store? I currently have a track with Adam Cotier and DJ SKT called ‘What is Love’ which is a house track and also a deep house track with 12minds called ‘Awake’ which features on a project which I’m doing with 12minds. Plus my own EP called ‘Awake’ that will be released by the end of the year.

9. What advice would you give to other aspiring singers? Practise, practise and practise again. Have a great and friendly attitude, as you are your business. Learn the business. Don’t be disheartened when you get no answers but listen to feedback and use it to move forward and be original!

Don’t forget to check out Gemma’s “What is love ” song on sound cloud! :



Words: Wardah Sempa 

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