Since the end of TV show ‘Girlfriends’ this haircare line has been in the works. It has been a dream of hers since secondary school and she is therefore more than excited to share her finished craft with the world.

“@patternbeauty is the result of 20 years of dreaming, 10 years in the making (I wrote my first brand pitch in 2008, right when Girlfriends finished ) and 2 years of working with chemists. I’m so excited to share this with y’all.”

The line promises to enhance all curl patterns for naturlista’s with hair as extravagant as her own and we can put our full trust in her hands as she has been team natural before it ever became a trend.

Like most of us afro ladies, Tracee explained that she too went through that transition when growing up of using the hot comb and perms in an attempt to make the hair more ‘manageable’ However it took a real turn for the worse when a household product that she was promised would do her hair wonders ripped her hair into shreds.

Although at some point we have all had a tough time with our crown, ‘Pattern’s aim is to give us all access to the greatest of our curls at any given time. We shouldn’t have to rely on a professional to bring out the best of our hair.

The range includes an Argan oil based serum, a jojoba serum, a hydrating conditioner and shampoo, a leave in conditioner, shower brush, a hair clip and a micro-fibre towel.


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