Way 2 faded (W2F)  is a movement, mainly represented by their clothing line. They are a close team from different backgrounds, who all know how to properly get #Way2Faded!

Amor magazine speaks to a member of W2F clothing Reuben Royal, where he talks about their line in detail! Let’s take a look!

Tell us about the clothing line W2F?

W2F’s latest line of T-shirts is currently on sale now. We have gone all out and have tried to translate our passion to party in our designs using trippy colours and subliminal pictures yet still keeping our designs sheek, cool and completely custom made. We can guarantee you wont find anything like it on the market.


Is W2F, mostly aimed for females or male?

 Initially we intended Way2Faded to be aimed for the male market however, upon releasing our first batch of ‘W2F Classic’ T-shirts we quickly realised that the female market were equally, if not more attracted to our designs. As a result we are now creating a dedicated line for females that include custom designed crop tops and long vests, so ladies watch this space!


Since your so into music, what made you want to focus on fashion?

It’s well known that the music and fashion industries have a very close relationship. Also as all of the Way2Faded members have a love for music we felt that we could take advantage of our creative flair and connections within the music industry to create a clothing line and push it in the right direction in order to create a popular movement.

Will you be using your music knowledge into any of your designs?

 Not yet but that’s a great idea though!

Will you guys be reflecting any of your own styles, into the designs?

Of course!


Who were your inspirations, for this line?  

Versace, Givenchy, & Ghetto geek. OTHER: 1970′s Psychedelic Art

Who are your favourite fashion designers or fashion brands?

We could name loads like Versace, Levi Strauss, The Hundreds, Obey, Supreme, Diamond Supply Co., Adidas, Ecko, DOPE, hall of fame & Superdry

The website for your launch will be launching next month, what will you be doing after?

We’re aiming to release the female clothing line by the end of next month so that it is ready for the website launch. We’re also going to be releasing a limited number of our ‘W2F Classic’ T-shirt collection again so it will give people another chance to buy one as they sold like hot cakes last time!


Any announcements? 

Make sure to check out our Twitter @W2Fclothing for the latest news on our website launch!

Also if you’re around on the 4th & 5th of October, pop down to the next ‘Free Yard’ event where you can meet us and see our latest clothing line in the flesh. We are also planning to have at least 2 of our sponsored music artists performing whilst sporting the latest Way2Faded clothes as well; it’s going to be liiive!

More details of the next Free Yard event can be found here: http://www.thefreeyard.com/next-event/4574977031

Don’t forget to follow them on twitter! @W2Fclothing

Words: Wardah Sempa 

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