There’s another pop star in the making coming from the South of England, and she goes by the name of Hollie Gautier. With a string of releases to her name already, she has saved her best for now, with the encapsulating ‘Little Men’. It’s a piano-led, summertime pop jam that will be sung around crowds across the country, with a message that hits close to home.

Giving the nod to Jess Glynne, Hollie finds her own voice in her emotive and heartfelt delivery, all relating to a personal anecdote and experience she has felt growing up in this ever-changing industry. She has shown the courage and desire to cut above the noise and present herself with a powerful, pop platform to speak her mind, and we’re listening.

Here’s Hollie’s inspirational meaning behind ‘Little Men’:

“I wrote this song in complete frustration straight after getting home from a music industry networking event. I showed an A&R man my songs and he gaslit me into thinking I didn’t know who I am as an artist, or what I wanted to say in my lyrics and that I needed him or “another male mentor” to guide me so I’d have a chance of being successful in this industry. He also didn’t believe me when I told him I waitressed full time to pay for promo, music videos etc myself and said that my parents must have helped me because I wouldn’t have been able to balance everything on my own.”

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