Amor magazine’s Simi caught up with singer Fola. The R&B singer has been getting a lot of attention due to his classic 90s sound. Find out what the crooner had to say below.

Amor: Listening to your much loved single ‘Comfortable’ it is obvious that it has a 90’s feel and flavour. What inspired you to bring 90’s into 2014?
Fola: 1. I was getting annoyed with r&b being misunderstood for something it wasn’t. So many songs on the charts were being labelled as r&b just because the artist was black or sounds ‘black’. Which i’m guessing refers to an artist that has more of a soulful sounding voice. As a result i wanted to make what r&b really is…. and the best way to convey that was to go to the 90′s. Plus i really miss the vibe of that era and how the music made you feel.I grew up with that music. I hardly get that in today’s music. Not saying that music now is crap, I still love a lot of music now. But there is a certain vibe r&b in the 90′s early 00′s that i don’t get now.

Amor: Vocally who is your inspiration?
Fola: Brandy, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Usher, Boyz 2 Men, Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Kim Burrell, Celine Dion, Tonex, Tank, Mariah Carey and R.Kelly. I have loads!!!

Amor: As a song-writer how do you come up with themes, ideas and concepts for the music you write?

Fola: I usually always have something to say, and when a melody hits me, which is always random, certain melodies fit the concepts in my mind. I link them, I write. I usually write without music, voice note the songs then take it to the studio where I would work on it with a producer.

Amor: As a song-writer how do you come up with themes, ideas and concepts for the music you write?
Fola: I just choose someone who i connect with their musically. It’s also a plus if you get along with them personally. Must producers are long, from an unsigned unknown artist point of view because lets face it, who wants to work with someone who probably wont make money for them??? Hence why a lot of talented people are out there struggling to actually get into a studio and make music. This game is real!!! But i am very grateful to God that i do have great people that I work with. I am currently working with Femi V, Villi Vbeats Mambu and Layback Thoughts. I would like to reconnect with my past collaborators like S.O.S and Maleek Berry. That would be real cool.

Amor: Picking a producer to bring to life your lyrics must be a hard task, how do you choose the right producer?
Fola: 2014 we are leaving with a bang!!! HELL YESS!!! I am very excited, I have a new single coming out called Rock Your Body. Should be out some time in November. Produced by Femi V and Villi Vbeats who also produced my single Comfortable. The song is uptempo, little more on the commercial side than Comfortable, but still very musical. I hope my supporters dig this one and cop it on iTunes. Be expecting more music, visuals and live performances from me next year. I have a lot to offer musically so I’m excited.

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