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British summer time is ending. Let us make way for blankets and jumpers. Let us watch as the leaves fall to the ground turning brown as they do. Let us turn the heating on and pull the windows shut.

These are not the only things which will be changing over the next few weeks, our cupboards and fridges will change as well. We will start to buy parsnips, cabbage and carrots and avoid the lettuce and cucumber. We’ll stock up on stock cubes and potatoes and enjoy warming dishes like chilli con carne and stew.

When it comes to autumn food, it’s not as unhealthy as we’d think. We simply swap the salads for winter vegetables, creating soups and pies. The real challenge is keeping our physical fitness levels up.

Too often do we complain that it’s too cold to go for a run or the gym is too far to walk in the rain. This results in us quickly losing our summer bodies and resorting to baggy jumpers. As good as gyms are, they do involve going outside and being in the cold, which we all pretty much hate. Alas! There is another option – why not turn a room in your house into a home gym?

Let me make it clear now, I am not suggesting you go out and buy fancy gym equipment, just a yoga mat. Find the most spacious place in your home and place the mat there. The width and length of the yoga mat is all you will need to do home exercises. You can do a full body workout on a yoga mat.

For exercise examples check out my previous post on full body workout in 10 minutes.

No more can we complain that there is no time or it is too cold. If you really want to get fit, you will find a way, because summer bodies are not only reserved just for summer. 

Words by: @AmyJoannaTaylor

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